Hunnibee Designs Ltd

Hi lovelies! I’ve been meaning to write this post for quite some time now (and I’ve got a few others lined up too). The reason I couldn’t write this post any earlier is because the product I’m writing about was a gift for someone, so I couldn’t write about it until the gift was given. I bring to you the company the product was ordered from: Hunnibee Designs Ltd! I have never seen a more intricate level of handmade art. (Masha Allah) her talent is crazy and I just had to bring this business to everyone’s attention after receiving such incredible service from her.

Hunnibee Designs Ltd can transform anything you want into a small polymer clay product. This is such a beautiful idea, where you can transform a moment of great value/a product of great value to you, into a small keepsake that you can keep forever. The business is especially popular amongst newly-wed couples who have requested to have their wedding cake transformed into a beautiful keepsake. Below are some of the polymer clay cakes that she has made:

And below are many other AMAZING products she’s done (non-cakes):

So now you pretty much know why I decided to write this blogpost. This lady is sooooo talented (Masha Allah) and manages to turn whatever you want into a precious keepsake. After stumbling across her page, I decided to turn something of great value to someone I know, into a polymer clay keepsake (and then gift it to them). I got into touch with the lovely lady via Instagram and inquired about the pricing. For a decent-sized keyring, the quote that was given to me was around £15. Which, if you ask me, is very little to pay for the amount of hard work that goes into a handmade item, especially one of this much intricate detailing. Below is the image that I sent over to be transformed into a keyring:


I then sent across the payment via Paypal (which I find the most efficient payment method ever) and then waited for around 2 weeks. I then got a message saying my item was ready to be shipped. Me being the impatient person I am, asked to see photographs of the final piece which she kindly sent across. She then dispatched the item and I got it around 3/4 days later. Here was the final piece:

The detailing on the final piece was CRAZY! The dripping cream on the glass, the rounded saucers, the etched design on the spoons, the metallic effect on the spoons, the look of ‘fluffiness’ on the marshmallows, the sprinkled cocoa powder on the top, the wrinkles in the chocolate Flakes and even the effect of one of the spoons being dirty after use. The quality of the product was INSANE!

My overall experience with Hunnibee Designs Ltd was flawless and I can’t praise the lovely lady enough! Her customer service was amazing, the purchase and payment method was quick and efficient, the delivery time was good and the product itself was amazing! If anyone is thinking of purchasing something meaningful for someone without breaking the bank, I would definitely recommend this!

Below are the business’ social media links:

I really hope you enjoyed this blog post and check out Hunnibee Designs Ltd for a future gift idea or a personal keepsake. If any of you do order from her and want to share it with me, do feel free to tag me on whichever social media.

Until next time!







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