My skincare routine

Let’s start of with a disclaimer: this post is simply about what works for my skin and it may not work for your skin type. Consult with someone at each brand to check if the product is appropriate for your skin before purchasing.

Now that that’s done. Heyyyy guys! I’m writing in a week’s time because I am now trying to write one post per week. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Anywhooo, I thought I’ve done quite a few makeup posts but no skincare posts. So why not?

I was genuinely not a very big fan of skincare until recently. I used to believe less is more, and none is the best. But once I actually started using skincare products, I realised how much worse my skin was without it. So let’s start with looking at the different products that work for me:

The basics. Moisturisers:


These are the moisturisers that I find to work best with my skin. I have combination/oily skin and so do not need such intense moisturisers day-to-day. Hence, I opt for my Olay beauty fluid as it’s a very light moisturiser whilst still hydrating the skin. However, at least twice a week, I use the intense moisture cream in the morning and the night cream at night. I also use these moisturisers if I know I’m going to be applying a full face of makeup, as they prep my skin really well for the foundation. If you do suffer from dry skin, you should totally try out the Vitamin E intense moisture cream, it hydrates the skin super well!

Essentials. Makeup removers:


I once-upon-a-time used to use wipes to remove my makeup. And not even facial wipes. Baby. Wipes.! Omg never would I return to those days. Removing makeup with wipes highly damages the skin as you have to rub quite harshly to take makeup off. You’re literally scrubbing and pulling at your face, not good. Even then, when you think you’ve taken all your makeup off, there is still loads left. It’s bad.

There comes in micellar water. I literally just dab some on cotton pads and gently rub them across my face and the makeup comes off. These 3 work for me quite well, especially the new oil-infused one by Garnier. It takes off all my makeup, even if it’s waterproof. And no, it doesn’t leave the skin looking oily. If you are a major fan of the usual Garnier micellar water, try the oil-infused one, I promise you that you’ll love it.

Cleansers and toners:


To work well with my combination/oily skin, I was intrigued by The Body Shop’s new seaweed collection. After trying this oil-balancing toner, I swear by it. It works extremely well with my skin and does what it says, balances the oily zones on my face so I no longer look like I have oil wells on my nose and forehead. After applying this toner all over my face, I then apply the blackhead eliminating cleanser on just my nose. I used to have a LOT of blackheads on my nose, but this cleanser has really really helped. The blackheads are still there but visibly clearing out day-by-day. So if you, like me, have major blackheads, give this a try. I apply both of these at night straight after removing my makeup, so that it does its job whilst also removing any final traces of makeup. Win-win!

My faveeeeeeeee. Oils:


LOVE bio-oil! It is my holy grail product. It literally saves me from ANYTHING. If bio-oil suits your skin, get it, try it, use it, love it. Trust me! I literally put bio-oil on my whole face generously every night, alongside with vaseline on my lips. And that my dears, is the main secret to my Alhamdulillah (touch-wood) great skin. Literally, I have accidentally messed up my face so many times by applying random products. But I know that if I apply bio-oil at night, I’ll wake up to no reaction the next day. That is a tried and tested theory, at least for my skin, it’s absolutely amazing!

The tea tree serum I only purchased recently, so not got round to using it a lot. However, I woke up to a spot on my face the other day and before bed, I applied a drop of this serum and the next morning, it was gone. That may not work for every spot, but so far, I’m impressed. We’ll just have to wait and see ey. Also, if you have oily skin and are worried that using oils will cause outbreaks, that’s not true. Fight oil with oil! It works.




Why do I own this many masks? I don’t know. But I legit use them all. I alternate between all of the masks, depending on the state of my skin at the time, the weather and the desired outcome. For instance, when my skin is having it’s monthly breakouts, I fetch for the tea tree mask, it settles the outbreak. When my skin is being super oily, I go for the seaweed one to balance the oils. The l’oreal one is probably one of my less favourite ones because it does leave my skin clear and fresh, but it leaves it a bit too dry. I use all of these masks alternatively doing one mask per week, applying with a brush, then leaving to dry for 5-10 minutes and then washing off with cold water to close my pores.

The only one that I apply every week alongside my chosen mask, is the super facialist one. I apply this clay mask just on my nose, nowhere else. So once a week (a different day to the mask), I apply this over my nose. The reason for this is that I find it works very well with the blackhead eliminating cleanser and aids the removal of blackheads. Again, those with extreme blackheads, give it a shot. P.s. results will not come immediately, keep at it!

My most favourite mask from my entire collection is The Body Shop’s himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask. Some say it is the dupe for GlamGlow’s mask but as I have never tried that, hence I can’t comment upon it. But I have tried this and I can say that it is AMAZING! It literally leaves your skin feeling soft and flawless, whilst still hydrated and also softens down any breakouts. Me and my best-friend also have extremely different skin types (I’m oily/combination, she’s dry) and we can both say that it has worked very well for us. So if you’re looking to buy just one mask, get this. Also, below is me trying to look cool in this mask 🙂


So that’s all from me today. Again, note, I’m no expert, just sharing what works for my skin and what may work for yours. Chat to you all again (hopefully) next week in another blog post. If you do try out any of these products, let me know on Instagram (shomydays) how they worked out for you. Until next time.





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