Vogue Café – Dubai Mall

Before I start on the blog post, it is me Terres Sereines, I am now Sho My Days. I just feel like it’s more personal with my name in it. Now, here comes the blog post. Hope you enjoy it!


Hey guyss, I’ve been meaning to write this post since the past five months but I had a sudden trip to India and then a friend’s wedding and then university started. Also, life just happened so got busy, as you do. I literally just made an Instagram account to advertise my blog right now. So if you still somehow found this post and are reading it, kudos to you my friend.

So, I went Dubai back in May and this was my fourth trip there. I genuinely LOVE Dubai so much, I have been going every year for the past three years. And if you were to ask me right now where I want to go, I’d probably say Dubai. Actually, I would definitely say Dubai. Anywhoo before I went last year, I wanted to see places that are not the usual tourist places, so I did some research. I stumbled across Vogue Cafe.

Although it is situated in Dubai Mall, not many tourists know of it. This is because it is centred in Level Shoes at the Dubai Mall. So right in the middle of a whole section of dreammmmmmmmm swoon-worthy shoes, stands proudly this mini but beaut looking Cafe.




That’s me admiring the beautifulllll sign. Jk, I just wanted a good Instagram picture. But the sign was still beautiful ngl.

It truly is the most feminine, cute and classy Cafe I have ever come across. This is one of the reasons I love Dubai so much, there is just soooo much amazing food places. And absolutely everything is halal!

Okay enough jibber jabber, let’s have a look at the inside of this place:





We went at an awkward time because we were catching our flight back to the UK that day and wanted to fit it in. So unfortunately didn’t get to have a full meal there. Instead, we indulged in some beautiful desserts. Including a ROSE LATTE. That was genuinely the BEST latte I have ever tasted and I want to go back next year, purely for that. Let me show you some pictures of my table spread.




Also, that’s me being fancy. If you’re sat in Vogue Cafe, you have to be, don’t you?

And if you do go for a full meal, they present the vinegar and oil in a PERFUME BOTTLE. How frikkkkinnn cool.


So enough praises, let’s talk about the prices. For what you’re seeing and the taste, it’s genuinely not highly priced at all. The Chocolate Fondant cost me AED 45 (£10), the Tiramisu cost AED 38 (£8.50) and the Rose Latte cost me AED 35 (£8). Now that does sound like a lot but I did go back in May (pre-Brexit) and the pound value was a lot higher, hence it did work out much cheaper. I remember calculating the Rose Latte to around £6, which is an average price to pay for a coffee at a high-end cafe even in the UK.

To see further prices, browse the menu on Zomato.

So if you are planning to go Dubai anytime (which you totally should), do check out Vogue Cafe in Dubai Mall. And if you have already been, do share your experiences with me too.

So until next time lovelies.




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