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Hey guyssss, it’s me Terres Sereines, yes I still exist. A month after my previous appearance, I now make a comeback onto the world of WordPress with my beautiful collection of goodies from the MAC Vibe Tribe collection. I hope that after looking at the picture below of the absolutely gorgeous packaging, you proceed to read the rest of this blog post…


After seeing multiple posts online of the absolutely unique and amazing looking collection (including the post above), I decided to go check it out in my local Debenhams. However, due to the size of the MAC department that Leicester has, most of the items from this collection were sold out. Then, online shopping to the rescue *picture a laptop in a Superman cape*

Being a student forever low on money, I only ordered three items from the collection. Below are four as one was my best friend’s, hence, I won’t be swatching that one. Let me show you guys the packaging on the outside, genuinely, it looked sooo good that I didn’t even want to open it.


And then the inside (which admittedly looked as good):


One complaint I definitely did have with this collection was the type of plastic used. It just felt so cheap and not something I usually would expect from MAC. Sorry MAC, not impressed! And I’m sure that if any of you did grab any of the goodies, you would probably agree with me. Other than that, the packaging looks so damn cute that I guess we can overlook the feel of the plastic.


The products that I grabbed were:

  • Studio Nail Lacquer in shade Skin (£11.00)
  • Gleamtones Powder (£26.50)
  • Lipstick in shade Arrowhead (£17.00)
  • 4 x Eyeshadow Palette in shade Call Of The Canyon (£27.50) – this being my best friend’s, hence I won’t be swatching it on here

Let’s start with talking about my most favourite product from my buy, the Studio Nail Lacquer in shade Skin. At £11.00, it genuinely is an expensive buy for a nail polish. To be completely honest, I bought it for the packaging. It was just too cute not to buy! BUT, I did love the colour too, a lot. It was like the most perfect nude and it was nice buying a nail polish that wasn’t matte, for a difference. Here is how it looks on me:


Now let’s talk about the highlighter; the Gleamtones Powder. The colours are absolutely beautifully but, not so pigmented. So to get a highlight that you can see from space, you would need to layer a hell lot of strokes of the product. Talking about pricing, £26.50 is usually around what I pay for highlighters and in that sense, it’s not bad for the product. In essence, you get 4 for the price of 1. However, when looking at the practicality of the product, you can only really use the bronze and the mauve as highlighters, as it’s difficult getting your brush into just the smaller shades of golden and pink. In reality, the highlighter is best used by just swirling your brush over all 4. Here are swatches of the 4 individually, with and without flash (which I managed to do with great difficulty):



Now let’s talk about my last product from my buy, the Lipstick in shade Arrowhead. Slightly higher charged than a normal MAC lipstick, but not a massive difference, and so I was happy to pay the price. The shade that I really had my eyes on was Hot Chocolate, but unfortunately was sold out *sad Sho*

The shade that I did manage to grab looked sooo good in the packaging, and was a matte finish so I was initially happy with the buy. The formula was good, and it was the standards that I would expect from MAC. BUT, let me show you how it looked on the lips:


Exactly. Not my colour.

I then tried it with a brown lipliner underneath, and this was the outcome:


Yup, much better! So I guess I would manage to finish the lipstick eventually, but only with the help of a lipliner underneath. So, if it something you can pull off on it’s own, well done to you but it’s just not my colour.

In regards to still getting your hands on the collection, some is still available on the MAC website however, most of it is unfortunately sold out. Frown not my lovelies, a lot of the collection is still available in John Lewis and House of Fraser (online and maybe in store). So, try your luck!

So that’s my full review with all the swatches included. I hope I managed to keep you interested to the end of the blog post. I promise that I do have really exciting and (hopefully) good blog posts coming up but I just wish I had the time *sigh*

Until next time!






12 responses to “MAC Vibe Tribe

  1. I have the arrowhead on in the vibe tribe packaging and I’m like you, the packaging was amazing so I had to buy it! It’s such a shame though because arrowhead is just so light on the lips 😦


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