Work work work, then relax…

After long weeks of working 9-5 or even days and days of revision, everyone deserves a little bit of pampering and “me” time. We’ve all spent the evening filling up a warm bath of bubbles and adding our favourite Lush bath bomb in the mix. We’ve all had long showers and spent an hour moisturising our skin well and letting it soak in. We’ve all lazed around on that Sunday and done absolutely nothing. Although all of that feels absolutely amazing and totally relaxing, let me share an experience with you that felt reposeful on another level. Let me share with you my experience of a relaxation massage with a steam bath, at the Kerala Ayurveda Clinic.

I had always wanted my first massage experience to be somewhere widely recognised, such as Champneys. However, at this instance, it was completely unplanned and the only reason I attended Kerala Ayurveda Clinic was because of my mother. After my father’s recent death, my mother had been in iddah (Islamic period of mourning for the wife) and I had seen her getting more and more stressed and tired as the days went on. For this reason, I decided to gift my mother a relaxation package as soon as her iddah was over. However, as she only felt comfortable speaking to another in Gujarati or Hindi, I was limited to my options of where to book her in. There stepped in Kerala Ayurveda Clinic. At this point, I thought hey, might as well as try it myself too (I deserve relaxation too okay).

Situated on the outskirts of Leicester City Centre (173 Belgrave Gate, LE1 3HS), it is easily accessible and really convenient to get to from my house. At arrival, we were warmly greeted and then made to fill in a health and safety form about any medical conditions and emergency contacts etc. Even though the place was quite small and there were no more than 8/9 staff working there, they definitely did not make it seem like it was a non-professional environment.

The entrance consisted of a small waiting area and shelves of products to purchase and take away, which I really liked the idea of. There was the payment counter on one side and a television displaying the different treatments that this place offered. They truly held on to their culture from Kerala and gave a warm homely feeling to the place.



Kerala Ayurveda Centre offers completely Ayurvedic treatments using oils from Kerala itself, all doctors and therapists are well experienced and qualified from Kerala. They offer treatments for sufferings such as arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, whiplash, stress/depression, migraine/headache, eczema, obesity, hair loss and many more. They also do bone manipulation with therapies. The staff can communicate in English, Malayalam, Hindi, Punjabi and Tamil and they hold a separate section for ladies with female staff and for men with male staff.

For my mum and myself, I booked a relaxation massage with the steam bath included, for £30 each, lasting an hour. The package consisted of a head massage, full body massage and then a steam bath.


The room itself was a dimly-lit, small and personal room, playing beautiful traditional Kerala music which was so soothing. It had in it a massage table, a chair, a heat pod to keep the Ayurvedic oils warm and the wooden steam bath. The woman made me feel absolutely comfortable and then started with a 10 minute head massage with strong oils, then moved on to a full body massage with the oils and then ended with a 10 minute steam bath. All in all, what my mother and I both found the most relaxing was the steam bath at the end but the massage definitely did work wonders too. The treatment was ended with a choice of drink and then payment was taken at the end, after ensuring we were satisfied with the whole experience.

At the price I paid and the service I received, I most certainly will be returning there. All I can end this with is the fact that for my first time of getting a massage done by a professional, Kerala Ayurveda Clinic did not fail me. If I could rate them overall, it was a strong 10/10 and my mother felt the exact same way. Even two days later, she is still thanking me for the massage experience and that’s saying something. I definitely do feel a lot more relaxed since then and I guess returning there every fortnight or at least once a month will only do good to my body. After all, they do say, your body is a temple so look after it. (Which reminds me, I really should join gym).

So tell me how you guys relax and do tell me about your recent relaxation experiences. And oh yeah, I still do want to try Champneys. Until next time my sweeties – and hopefully that is soon.




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