1 Year Later = Still Broke, Still Fleeky

Guess what I just realised? It’s been a WHOLE YEAR since I posted my previous makeup collection blog post. Sooo, you know how normal bloggers post reviews every so often, I do them annually instead. Makes me special, nah? Joke, I’m actually extreeeeeeeemely sorry for being the most inconsistent blogger there ever has been. I swear by the summer that I shall now try to do one blog post per week, or if not, at least one every fortnight. Soooo, back to the point. In the last year of my life, a hell lot has changed (and a lot for the worse). However, one of the things that hasn’t changed is my love for makeup. Therefore, 1 year later = still broke, still fleeky.



There was a time when I was happy with one high coverage foundation and one low coverage foundation. Now, I need a different foundation for every possible scenario. Come on, you need a cheap everyday one, don’t you? You also need a high coverage “cakey” one for weddings, don’t you? Oh, you also need a medium coverage one for the day before the wedding, don’t you? Oh yeah, also one really “liquidy” one to let your skin breathe on hot days, please…

Which basically brings you to my foundation collection. If there is one foundation in there that I will recommend for everyone to buy, it’s the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer. THIS IS THE SHIZZZZZ! It’s sooo pigmented that you need a pea-sized amount for your whole face. That little tub will last you months, literally. It’s quite expensive but take my word for it, you will not regret buying this! It is sold by Cult Beauty, so do check it out.

Another one of my faves is the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation. Still expensive but slightly cheaper. This is something you can pull off on an everyday basis or build it up for a fuller coverage. Personally, on my skin, it looks flawless and I can not praise it enough. It is easily accessible from Debenhams.

On the more affordable side, Maybelline Fit Me is probably the ONLY drugstore foundation that has ever gone well with my skin. So now finally, I have a cheaper alternative for everyday wear. It’s good, it’s affordable and it does the job. Should be available from your local Superdrug or Boots.




Remember how a year ago I swore that primers are just a waste of product? Well guess what, I was wrong. Seems it, they do help. Well, one that I personally will put my hand up for is the Smashbox Photo Finish Hydrating primer. If you have dry skin, baby this will give you a flawless base to work on. Your makeup will LITERALLY stay the day and no dry skin will break out. It’s super wow and again, available from Boots.

In my honest opinion, the YSL Touche Eclat Blur primer and the much raved about Marc Jacobs Coconut primer don’t work too well with my skin. Well, they basically do nothing. But I’m sure they’re made for different skin types and just don’t work too well for me *sad face*

I also have the Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Eyeshadow Base and this is good stuff! It gives a nice blank canvas for my eyeshadow and keeps it put for hours and hours without creasing. It’s my little pot of save-the-day, sold at Debenhams.


Highlight and Contour


Believe it or not, these are my only two highlight and contour products. Well to be honest, it’s more of contouring and “baking”. The Balm Bahama Mama is THE BEST powder contour you can ever find. Sold at Superdrug at a decent price, it’s definitely a really good investment. I find myself never doing liquid contour anymore because this basically looks good enough alone. Try it, test it and let me know how it goes for you.

The famous Ben Nye Banana Powder definitely justifies why it’s always in the spotlight. Come on girls, would Mario Dedivanovic use it on Kim Kardashian if it wasn’t that good?! It’s actually like my holy grail product, I swear by that, I love it! I got mine from PAM – I suggest you follow that link and buy one for yourself and step out the door everyday feeling good about owning the best loose powder ever! I use mine for baking on special occasions and it really does look wow. Actually, it looks WOW!





A blusher is the cutest makeup product there is, it’s just so pink and feminine. To begin with, let’s start with talking about the pinkness someone wants in their blusher. I mean, me personally, as an Indian, bright pink does NOT look good. Instead, a mauve-brown looks fleeeeeky – this is why The Balm Cabana Boy is my most favouriteeeeee blusher ever (and it legit stays on the whole day)! Again, The Balm cosmetics are readily available at Superdrug.

My friend ever so kindly gifted me the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani blusher palette on my birthday – it’s like the most gorgeous blusher palette and it compliments my skin tone so so well. It has more shimmery blushes rather than matte so it’s my occasions palette; sorry but Sho does not do disco ball to work but at a wedding, I’m all bling! As far as I’m aware, she did buy it from Debenhams.

Last but not least, let’s talk about the MAC X Ellie Goulding blusher, it’s like my carry-to-work compact. It basically let’s me touch up my blusher and contour in one, how cool right? It’s so amazingly ideal to carry in your purse!





You know what I realised when I took this picture? I have way less highlighters than I thought I did. Basically, I see my ABH Glow Kit as 4 highlighters which is why I thought I have loads but really, nah 😦

So anyway, let’s talk about the ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS GLOW KIT! It’s totally gorgeously beautifully amazingly amazing. If you don’t have this, seriously, get it. I got mine from a private seller months ago but it is now sold on Cult Beauty – you definitely will not regret buying it, believe me. The “That Glow” kit is for more deeper tones like myself and the “Gleam” kit is for more fairer complexions. Whatever your match, get it. Please. For the love of makeup. Get it.

Another one that I must bring to your attention is BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop sold on Cult Beauty (just checked, it’s in stock *pops champagne*) – this is one highlighter which has such a beautiful colour. It is the most gorgeous looking highlighter I have ever come across and it has such a velvety formula which sits beautifully on your skin. It’s definitely one of my personal faves.





All of these eyeshadow palettes were gifts to me – love you guys xoxo

Basically, colour-wise, I LOVE my eyeshadow palette collection. I’ve got mattes, I’ve got shimmers, I’ve got nudes and I’ve got colours. I genuinely do get away with every outfit match with these palettes, it’s quite amazing tbh.

Now let me let you in on a little secret. See that massive Morphe eyeshadow palette with 35 colours in it? It only costs £18.25 with free delivery from Beauty Bay. However, what I did find is when I used the eyeshadows alone, there was a lot of fall-out but when used on top of my eyeshadow base, they were goooooood! So get yourself an eyeshadow base and then buy every possible Morphe palette there is because they all look scrumptiously tempting.

For everyday use, if you are an everyday eyeshadow person, it doesn’t get better than the Tarte tartelette palette. Beautiful matte nudes with the most amazing velvety formula. They stay put and glide on effortlessly, with no eyeshadow base necessary. I got mine from QVC.

To comment on the Urban Decay X Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette, the colours are beautiful and the gold is absolutely wow, but, the quality is just about the same as the Morphe palettes. Again, I believe my best friend did buy it from Debenhams.


Lip Glosses


I was never really a lip gloss person but I risked it and ordered the Anastasia Beverly Hills lip gloss set from Beauty Bay but I can no longer find it on there, sorry! But basically they’re crap, so you don’t need a link anyway. They’re the most sticky, transferring and icky feeling lip glosses I have ever come across. Not what is expected from you Anastasia and Norvina 😦

On the other hand, Kylie Cosmetics glosses, WOW! I usually love mattes but I still find myself wearing these glosses at least two days a week. They’re non-sticky and the colours are so wearable. I really like these and am trying ever so hard to get my hands on the Kylie Lip Kits too, but so are another 77432678467861964918 people, therefore, I never get one.


Liquid Lipsticks


The last time we talked about my makeup collection, I only owned lipsticks and no liquid lipsticks. A year later, here I am. I find myself sooo addicted to liquid lipsticks and believe me, once you start, you can’t stop. Here, Anastasia and Norvina do not fail! Anastasia Beverly Hill liquid lipsticks have the BEST formula possible for liquid lipsticks.They’re non-drying and stay on for ages on end. They literally do not budge and are so comfortable to wear. These are extremely difficult to get in the UK and so all 4 of mine are from private sellers on Depop.

Another highly recommended liquid lipstick formula is the Jeffree Star one, as mentioned in my previous blog post, these I bought from Cocktail Cosmetics. Let’s just say they’re good enough for me to want to invest in more.

Omg let’s talk about the NYX Lip Lingeries! I’ve read countless times in reviews and heard on YouTube videos that these are a really close dupe of the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits. As I personally don’t own any lip kits, I can’t give an accurate comparison but if the lip kits are anything like the lip lingeries, I WANT THEM! Basically, these £6.50 tubes of heaven are amazing. The colour range is totally wearable and it has given me my perfect nudes. Sold at Boots, they’re so accessible. The formula is really creamy and beautifully matte. I can’t praise them enough, I love these.


Sooooooooo that brings me to an end of my mahoosive annual make up review. As promised, I will try to be a much more frequent blogger from today onwards. Now, if you’re reading this, it means that I have won the battle against my wifi and managed to get this blog-post posted.  Until next time my ladies, stay fleeky (and try not to stay broke)…












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