Sephora, I hate you. Sincerely, UK.

After searching up ‘Sephora’ on Instagram today morning and discovering that almost everywhere (slight exaggeration) has a Sephora, apart from the UK, I ended up giving myself a bad start to the morning for absolutely no reason. Like seriously Shohrin, it’s not the end of the world, chill out. BUT REALLY NO, WHY ISN’T THERE A SEPHORA IN THE UK?

(For those of you that don’t know what Sephora is (seriously, are you living under a rock?), it’s beauty heaven. It has the world’s bestestestest brands all under one roof. It has loyalty programs and exclusive events and gifts that are one of a kind. It’s amazing, it’s basically a girl’s best friend AND boyfriend. It’s basically everything *see pictures below*)



Sephora Interior

Before you stop reading this blogpost thinking “blah blah blah, it’s just a rant”, hold your horses Sister, it’s more than a rant. I’m planning to make life somewhat easier for us all and share whatever little knowledge I have about how to get your hands on these brands, which are difficult to find in the UK and make us crave a Sephora store.

Let’s start with Anastasia Beverly Hills, this brand is probably the reason I started searching for UK stockists of American brands. Before you decide to pay £73423748949 for delivery from the official website and then an additional £983747867 for customs, let me let you in on a secret, YES YOU CAN GET THIS IN THE UK. No, not from an outlet, which SUCKS! But you can order it without all the extra charges. Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and Net-A-Porter are official UK stockists of ABH. I’m sure majority of you guys already knew this but I had to tell you anyway. I own a fair share of ABH products and they are DEFINITELY worth the hype. They really really are. I ordered the Brow Definer from Cult Beauty but later discovered that Beauty Bay do the same pricing with FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £15. Beauty Bay, I love you! So then, I went on to ordering the ABH lipgloss set from Beauty Bay, I hate lip glosses but ABH, hats off to you, I actually really like these. The Glow Kits are coming soon too on Cult Beauty, so keep your eyes open for that. However, I couldn’t wait and ordered my Glow Kit from a personal seller on Depop. One thing that still makes me crave a Sephora store is the ABH Liquid Lipsticks. The only way you can get your hands on these is through a personal seller on Depop, Ebay or Amazon. There is no other way to get them other than that or paying the extra pounds to get them directly from the official website. However, having used 4 of these, they are good. They are definitely one of the BEST Liquid Lipsticks around, the formula is amazing! Take my word for it and do invest in one, even if it breaks the bank (ignore I said that, bad advice)

Now to Makeup Forever. Did you know that this is a French brand and NOT an American brand? Do you understand what this means? It means that it is cheaper to buy these products in the UK than it is to buy them from America’s Sephora. The Ultra HD Foundation from Debenhams retails at £29 whereas it is sold in Sephora for $43 = £30.25 + shipping charges. HA HA AMERICA, IN YA FACE! I bought this foundation JUST yesterday from Birmingham and I think I’m going to use it a lot more than my other foundations (but NARS and Kevyn Aucoin still steal the show, every time). The brand is exclusive to Debenhams in the UK however not with inflated pricing. I’m from Leicester and the Debenhams store in Leicester’s Highcross does not have a Makeup Forever section but from my knowledge, Birmingham’s Debenhams does (I’m unsure about where else does). If you’re unable to get yourself to Birmingham, you can always order online with home delivery or click-and-collect from your local Debenhams store to avoid shipping charges. (Thank me later girls) *kisses*

I’ve been using the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer as a concealer/foundation for quite some time now. Safe to say, it’s my FAVOURITE heavy coverage product. I got mine from Cult Beauty, but Space NK also stock their products in the UK. I definitely will be re-ordering once it finishes because that product is my HOLY GRAIL. The Sensual Skin Enhancer is the only Kevyn Aucoin product I’ve used but there are great reviews about their other products too and maybe I will look into investing in another Kevyn Aucoin product soon, hmmmmmmmm. But yeah basically, Sephora, maybe we don’t hate you as much as we initially thought we did (Thank you UK stockists!)

BUT KAT VON D, you hurt my heart. I’ve searched and searched and searched, only to discover that Kat Von D isn’t accessible in the UK. I’ve heard great praises about Kat Von D but I guess I’m going to have to visit a Sephora somewhere in the world to get my hands on it. The only way I can currently own its products is again from a private seller on Depop, Ebay or Amazon. But I refuse to pay the highly inflated prices on these platforms. I have rights and using those rights, I refuse. Instead, I will wait until I go on holiday again and buy it from Sephora. I promise, I WILL wait. (Link me back to this page and give me a slap if I end up giving in to my temptations and buying it at those ridiculous prices).

On the bright side, let’s talk about NYX. NYX are amazing. They’re a lovely brand who have kept our UK population in mind. There is something known as NYX UK, that’s how awesome they are. NYX products are readily available in Boots, Selfridges, Feel UniqueVery and Asos. I really haven’t got around to comparing the pricing on each website so you might want to shop around before paying more than required. I own 2 of the NYX Liquid Suedes and the colours are wow and it really is worth the money. For a drugstore brand, the quality is goooood. However, I am impatiently waiting for the NYX Lip Lingeries to be stocked on any of these platforms. The shades are BEAUTIFUL and I want like, all of them. Just look at them *ahhhh*


Now, can I cheat a bit here? Let’s talk about Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I’m cheating here because this isn’t available in Sephora either (I think), however, they are very easily available in the USA and very hard to get hold of in the UK. But Birmingham is our lifesaver when it comes to American products. Cocktail Cosmetics stocks Jeffree Star and the best thing about Jeffree Star is their Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I own 2 and I can see why everyone loves them. Beautiful formula and doesn’t dry your lips one bit. And guess which 2 I own? Androgyny and Dominatrix. Yassss, those shades really are as good as they look in their swatches 😉 Along with Jeffree Star Cosmetics, Cocktail Cosmetics also stocks Ben Nye, Gerard Cosmetics, LA Girl USA, LA Splash Cosmetics, Milani Cosmetics, OCC, Vera Mona and many many more. They have a store in Birmingham and you can also order online. I really do love Cocktail Cosmetics, they make life so much easier!

Another much-talked-about-by-all-American-MUAs brand is Morphe Brushes. Their brushes are great and their eyeshadows palettes are greater. This brand is again available through a few platforms in the UK: Cult Beauty, Beauty Bay and again, Cocktail Cosmetics. Once more, Beauty Bay win when it comes to pricing, they are the cheapest Morphe Brushes stockists in the UK and for free delivery on all orders over £15, you really really can’t go wrong. Word has got to me that my Sister has ordered a Morphe eyeshadow palette as a gift for my birthday, I can’t wait to use it!

Last but not the least, I want to talk about Dose Of Colors. This brand and me have a love-hate relationship. Love because their products look and are reviewed to be really good, hate because the range available in the UK doesn’t include everything I’d like to own from Dose Of Colors. Beauty Bay is bae because it allows us UK girlies to experience the loveliness of Dose Of Colours, however, they stock just 4 shades in the Matte Lipstick. Seriously? But one thing I’m looking at trying is the Eyedeal Duos – it’s eyeshadow pigments with primers for each of them. However being priced at £20.50 EACH on Beauty Bay, is it realllllllyyyyyy worth it? We’ll just have to try one and see, hey? 😛

Sooooooo, sorry about the length but I wanted to share as much knowledge about these UK stockists with you as possible (Believe me, it took time and effort to link all the pages in this post). Although saying that, I’ll probably remember one or two brands I forgot to mention after I post this *sigh* BUT GIRLS, THIS WORKS TWO WAYS! Let me know too if there are any American brands that are available in the UK and I’m unknown to them. Other than that, I hope this blogpost was somewhat useful to you guys and share, like and e-mail subscribe if you may. Until next time!




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