Polaroid prints reminiscing

Remember when everyone was cute and created scrapbooks using polaroid prints? But now we’re busy bees who have no time to sit around with pretty pink papers and glue sticks 😦 SO THERE COMES THE NEW ERA OF ONLINE DIARIES! We now just keep a beautiful (filtered) journal of our day to day memories on Instagram because we’re awesome teenagers of the 21st century. Regardless of how much I love Instagram (it’s my favourite app, you lot probably know that by now because of the amount of posts I make everyday), I still prefer having REAL copies of my memories. AND THERE STEPS IN :PRINTL

Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 19.27.36

Yes, it’s actually as easy as the picture makes it seem. Just follow those simple steps and there you have it, a cute wee polaroid copy of your Instagram pictures. The way :PRINTL works is that you sign up to a direct debit of just $2.99 (£1.95) a month. A MONTH! Don’t worry, you can cancel this at anytime by just logging into the website using your Instagram details and clicking ‘cancel’.

So for just $2.99 a month, :PRINTL send you your 10 most liked pictures of the month through your letterbox in ever so cute envelopes, sealed with love. The other appealing factor of :PRINTL is that they offer free worldwide delivery. That means no matter what corner of the world you’re sitting in, you can get cute polaroid versions of your Instagram pictures for just $2.99! I just loved the idea of this business so much that I had to share it with you guys.

Here are my prints from June and July:





Use #PRINTL and tag @printl_net to be within a chance of being featured on the :PRINTL Instagram. One lucky winner also gets a chance to be featured in everyone’s envelopes every month!


And heyyyyyyy, here’s my Instagram post announcing my first blog post: (thanks for all the love guys)


One thing you’re probably thinking is ‘Is the quality even good? It’s from Instagram after all’, don’t worry I had that question too. However after receiving two month’s prints, I can assure you that the quality isn’t lost in the printing. How you upload your picture on Instagram is how you receive it printed from :PRINTL. Awesome, right? All you have to do is visit https://printl.net and follow the simple steps.

Remember to let me know if you use this service! I am super excited to receive these little envelopes of happy memories every month. I hope you enjoy using this service as much as I do! Until next time 🙂




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