Eid LookBook

FORGIVE ME GUYS! I went AWOL on you guys and my beautiful blog. But I was genuinely super busy with some ups and downs in my life AND good old Eid cleaning as well as some well needed ibaadah in the last ten days of Ramadhaan. So after a HECTIC Eid week, I am finally resting today. And that too, only because I’m ill. So currently sat on my bed with a bowl of noodles and Om Shanti Om on TV. IMG_5504 Shut up Shohrin, get to the point. A VERY VERY BELATED EID MUBARAK TO ALL MY FELLOW MUSLIMS! I hope you all had an amazing Eid with your friends and family. Alhamdulillah, mine was great! Here is a little Eid message from me for those of you that may not have me on Instagram: FullSizeRender Insha Allah may we all continue to carry out our good deeds from Ramadhaan into the rest of the months too, Ameen, Enough of the waffle now. As the title suggests, this blog post is my EID LOOKBOOK! I am no fashion blogger but sometimes, why not? Especially when you love your gorgeous wee outfits from Eid. Yes, I actually celebrate four days of Eid which gives me four days of dressing up (woohoo) BUT UNFORTUNATELY, this year we decided to go Blackpool on the fourth day which meant that I couldn’t dress up as much as I would have liked to *sigh* Let’s start of with my Eid mehndi shall we? IMG_4971 FullSizeRender 2 IMG_4975 I’m super fussy about my mehndi and can only ever get it done by my sister. But come on, you have to admit, her finishing is clean and beautiful, so why wouldn’t I? If any of you girlies are interested, she actually takes bookings too, occasions, weddings and even brides. Get in touch if interested 😉 Now let’s look at my Eid day outfit. For the first time in many years, I wore a colour other than black on Eid day. This was only because there was an Eid party that I needed to attend on the second day of Eid which I had to turn up more dressed up to. Soooooooo, here is my blue outfit from Eid day:




Sooo the highly talked about Eid Party day was here. BUT IT WAS IN THE EVENING AND THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS GOING TO WEAR MY NICE DRESS SINCE MORNING. This only meant one thing. I wore two outfits on the second day of Eid. Unfortunately I have no outfit pictures for the morning dress (it was rather plain anyway) however I do have selfies. Just to cut out being vain, here’s just one:


MY BLACK EID DRESS TIME NOW! Although I’m sure most of you follow me on Instagram anyway and so you’ve probably seen the pictures. However, I love Eid and dressing up and everything so sorry but I’m going to bore you by showing you everything again 😛 Butttt hereeee it is:







After that major dressing up opportunity on the second day of Eid. I decided to go super simple for the third day of Eid:





Usually on the fourth day of Eid, I would still dress up but this year we decided to go Blackpool for a family outing (in shitty weather) so therefore, sorry, my Eid LookBook shall have to end here! My Eid day and second day dresses are from my sister’s online stores (@munnysdesignerdresses and @glamdivadesigner on Instagram), CHECK THEM OUT! My third day outfit was from Dubai, from a street store so I have no idea what the store was called, sorry!

P.S. I started writing this blog post last Monday and finished it today, therefore the first paragraph is a lie. I’m not sat watching Om Shanti Om. In fact, I’m all curled up in bed and yawning every passing minute. I just felt like I was letting you guys down by not blogging for so long so I HAD to finish this tonight. Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post! Until next time lovelies.




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