Food, glorious food!

Currently sat here listening to Banjaara from Ek Villain with my legs stretched and rested because I’m a hopeless romantic and my legs feel numb after my 9-6 Sunday shift. In other news, I felt like typing up something else that may (or may not) interest you guys. Sooooooo, third blog post, here it comes!

As much a big foodie I am, I also love making food. No I can’t cook *cries* but I still ATTEMPT to. I can do a bit of random pasta, spaghetti and oh, I can make desserts. Weird and wonderful desserts. Using ONLY whatever is available in the kitchen at the present time. Well ain’t that some talent? *swooshes hijab*

In my 19 years of living, I recently (in the past year or two) have started growing a liking towards the kitchen – it’s the housewife within me getting stronger. During all my attempts, I have made some wonders and some disasters. No really, some look horrible, bad enough to be something made by a 5-year-old. But no regretsssss, it’s a learning process ey?

May I now present to you, my weird and wonderful creations:

Nephew’s birthday cake:


Strawberry trifle:


Gulkand (rose petal) cakes:


Chocolate ganache cake (my disaster):




Cookie dough pieces:


Chocolatey chocolate mousse thingy:


Chocolate strawberries:


Mother’s day cake (my wonder):


Andddddd following are some actual food pictures:

Gazebo chicken – recipe on


Spaghetti bolognese:


Fish and chips:


Jk, the fish and chips was just something hanging in the Selfridges of Oxford Street. Pretty cool though right?

Anywhoooo, please don’t ask about recipes, because honestly speaking, I don’t remember myself. But if you must ask, I promise that I shall try my utmost best to remember (my memory isn’t great either) and put together some sort of step-by-step guide that will help you to make something at least somewhat edible. Soo, until next time!




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