Hello and Wagamama!



As the name suggests, my first blog post will surely and truly be dedicated entirely to the Japanese ramen bar famously known as Wagamama! Well hey, there is no better way than to start my blogging career (big dreams) with a blog post on food *insert pink girl swooshing her hand emoji*

Being a total food fanatic means that I’ve tried almost every food outlet there is in my city, Leicester. Ranging from Indian to Italian to Chinese and many other cuisines. You name it, I’ve tried them all (well, most). The main point here being that even though I am a Muslim and you would guess my favourite food place to be a halal one, I still prefer Wagamama, because their vegetarian options are finger licking good and their seafood substitutes beautifully for the halal meat or chicken I may have eaten otherwise.

Enough of the wiffle waffle, let’s show you some pictures of some of my frequent (mouth watering) orders.




As you can probably tell, I have a few favourites that I can’t resist ordering every time. These would be strongly recommended for those of you who secretly pray that sometime a halal Wagamama store may open but still want to try their food right now anyway.

  • Stuffed Tempura Mushrooms – shiitake mushrooms stuffed with prawn and garlic in a light tempura
  • Lollipop Prawn Kushiyaki – skewers of grilled prawns marinated in lemongrass, lime and chilli. served with a caramelised lime
  • Chilli Squid (MY FAVE) – crispy fried squid dusted with shichimi. served with a chilli coriander dipping sauce
  • Prawn Gyoza – five tasty fried prawn dumplings served with a dipping sauce
  • Yasai Yaki Soba – soba noodles with mushroom + vegetables, egg, peppers, beansprouts, white and spring onions. garnished with fried shallots, pickled ginger and sesame seeds
  • Prawn Raisukaree (ABSOLUTE FAVE) – a mild, coconut and citrus curry, with prawns, mangetout, peppers, red and spring onions. served with white rice, a sprinkle of mixed sesame seeds, red chillies, coriander and fresh lime
  • Firecracker Prawns (only dare if you can take the chilli *cries at my failed attempt*) – a fiery mix of prawns, mangetout, red and green peppers, onions and hot red chillies. served with steamed rice, sesame seeds, shichimi and fresh lime
  • Clean Green Juice – kiwi, avocado and apple
  • Banana Katsu – banana in panko breadcrumbs with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream (AND BELIEVE ME, THE SALTED CARAMEL ICE CREAM IS HEAVENLY)
  • Mix It Up Mochi Ice Cream – a combination of all three flavours of wagamama’s mochi ice cream. little balls of ice cream wrapped in a layer of sticky rice, served with sauce

Disclaimer: I know that many Muslims have different views upon seafood, so if you agree with my views, try them, if not, hop along sweetie. Anywaysssss, I hope this food post made your mouth water as much reading it as it did make mine whilst writing it. Here is one last picture I took which is actually blogger level.



COME ONNNNN, how could THAT not make your mouth water? It’s a good treat for yourself and your loved ones too. Happy eating and do expect many many more food posts (and other things) from this foodie. Until then, goodbye my fellow hungry pals.




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